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Wedding Berries

January 2010

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Marry Me

aachannoichi in lolita_weddings

Welcome (again!) and planning a subtle Lolita wedding

Hello everyone and welcome to lolita_weddings.  Since the inital first post (Good grief last November!), I have gotten engaged.  My wedding isn't for another 2 years (October 23, 2011), but that hasn't stopped me from buying my dress or planning (Remember its never too early to start planning). 

While I have decided not to have full Lolita wedding (mostly to please a few of my really traditional family members) I have however, decided I want to subtly incorporate some Lolita themes into the wedding.  I would like to have very soft lighting for the reception, lots of very delicate flowers like peony and garden roses; and one of my guests asked if they could wear Lolita and of course I had to say yes!

But let me show you what I have in mind for my dress, hair, flowers and shoes for the wedding day:

(this is the dress I brought) + +

  +     I think that would work nicely (I just have to find a nice pair or bloomers and otk socks to go with this).

So even if you don't want to have a full Lolita wedding (or for some reason you can't have a Lolita wedding), you can always incorporate small details into your wedding to make it subtly Lolita, that way no one will ever know the difference.


I love that dress.
Thank you. It's really amazing. It has rhinestones all over the bodice and bottom and the back is super bustle-ly. When I go in for the fitting (next August) I'll take pictures.