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Wedding Berries

January 2010

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myotishia in lolita_weddings

hopeful reporting

I'm having my civil ceramony in October this year and hopefully I'll be able to put up pictures. We're imposably low on budget but we're giving the lolita theme a go.

This is my partner's dress http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-216/Dolly-Gothic-Lolita-cln--Double/Detail  (sorry I don't have a picture of the blouse that goes with it.)

And after a lot of trouble with sizes and such I'll be wearing something a little more aristo. I'll be wearing this blouse http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-174/Country-fdsh-Gothic-Lolita--fdsh-EGL-cln--White/Detail a long victorian style skirt and caplet, both in black. 

We'll be having it in blists hill victorian town (google it, it's wonderfull) .

Hope to report on it more soon. 


Congrats on your up coming civil ceremony. I think it will be great. Just make sure if you're ordering from F+F you give yourself ample time to make sure everything fits properly, especially if you're going the custom made route. I've heard that F+F sizing is kinda wonky. The extra time will all for changes so you're not scrambling at the last minute if it doesn't fit.

Also the venue where you're having the ceremony is beautiful. I know it will be great. Make sure you post pictures!
Yea. That's the reason my dress didn't fit and I had to change it. Luckily my partner's did and I could put a panel in the front of the blouse. ^_^;

Thanks . I'll post as many as I can as soon as. I can't wait ^_^
congratulations, and those are lovely.
Thanks :D
Oooh lovely outfits, I'll look forward to seeing the pics if/when you post them! xx