Lolita Weddings

For the Lolita who is planning their special day

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A community dedicated to helping Lolitas around the world plan their perfect special day.
This community was created to help anyone who is into Lolita style of fashion plan their wedding. Even if you are not planning a wedding and you just have ideas or questions you would like to share you are more then welcome here.


Please be kind when offering advice about dresses or wedding style. Even though we are all Lolita's each Loli's style varies and we should be respectful of others feelings and style. Remember, to each his own. So please be kind.

Lengthy questions I must ask to go under cut to save everyone's friends lists.

Pictures are very much welcome. Please place large pictures under cut.

Introductions and Engagements Announcements. Yes I will allow both. Feel free to share your story of how your found your true love.

How to get banned:

No one ever wants the ban hammer to crack down upon them. I am very lenient and don't intend to ban anyone, however if I receive complaints about abusive or rude behavior I will crack the ban hammer upon you for the safety, well being, and happiness of all members. Weddings are stressful enough without having to deal with the added stress of flame war.